The Customers tab is created to manage all the exhibitors and visitors who are participating in the event. There are 5 main parts. Vendors, Visitors, Matchmaking, Exhibitor badges, and Visitor types. 


The Vendors section displays all the exhibitors who are currently registered to exhibit at the event. To access, the organizer should log in to the dashboard, click "Customers" and then click "Vendors". The full list of vendors/exhibitors will appear here. 

The organizer can filter the list by clicking on the "Filter" button, you can filter them by "Events/Packages/Name/Email/Username/Order by (ASC or DESC) "

to add any new exhibitors click on "Create Exhibitor". 


All the visitors who are attending the expo or event are shown here. Whenever a new visitor register to visit the event, the organizer will get an update. 

This list could be filtered, click on the "Filter" button at the top & select what you need. 

To add a new visitor from the admin dashboard, click the "Create Visitor" button. 


Apart from "smart matchmaking" the admin can also create matches between exhibitors and visitors. For that purpose, go to the matchmaking dashboard and click the "Create Matchmaking" button to generate a match. 

How to Generate a "Match"? 

Once you click on the "Create Matchmaking" button, you will be directed to "Generate Matchmaking".  The admin can add a vendor from the vendor list and a matching visitor from the visitor list and create a match between them. 

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