How can I join conferences?

How can I join conferences?

Go to the conference sessions section and click on the join button. To access more information regarding the conference, click “More Info
This would typically direct you to the landing page. 

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    • Can I Join Meeting With A Meeting ID?

      Yes, like meeting link, once you add the meeting ID you will be directed to the chat room. 

      About O2O LIVE  O2O Live is a virtual version of a live exhibition or a conference. It is designed for the use of exhibition attendees & visitors. O2O Live facilitates connection between them with features including live video chat, virtual product ...
    • How Can I Join Live Chat With A Meeting URL I Received?

      The exhibitors & even visitors can generate a meeting URL and send it to the person they would like to have a chat with.  If you receive a URL, click on it and it will directly open the chatroom. 
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      The O2O platform allows visitors to join online conferencing and collaborative services including webinars, webcasts, and web meetings. All the online event updates and agendas will appear in the “Conference” tab of the visitor’s dashboard.  To ...

      The dashboard gives the following exhibitor suggestions for you, based on the information/requirements you have provided at the registration process.  1. Popular Exhibitors  This section recommends you connect with the most popular exhibitors. The ...