How Can I Join Live Chat With A Meeting URL I Received?

How Can I Join Live Chat With A Meeting URL I Received?

The exhibitors & even visitors can generate a meeting URL and send it to the person they would like to have a chat with. 
If you receive a URL, click on it and it will directly open the chatroom. 

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      Yes, like meeting link, once you add the meeting ID you will be directed to the chat room. 

      O2O Live is designed to provide a virtual exhibition experience for exhibition attendees. It allows visitors to meet, connect & chat live with global companies at the comfort or their living rooms. And, similar to a trade show you are able to view ...

      O2O Live is created to deliver a virtual event experience for the exhibitors & event attendees. Unlike a trade show where you are only able to meet a certain number of visitors in a day, the digital exhibition experience allows you to meet as many ...