How Can I Find/Filter The Exhibitors?

How Can I Find/Filter The Exhibitors?

How Can I Find The Exhibitors Who Are Online & Available To Chat?

In the Live & Free section you will find the exhibitors who are online and free to chat. Click on the thumbnails to proceed to chat. 

How Can I Find Exhibitors Of My Preferred Product Category?

During the registration process, the visitors are asked to pick an industry which they are interested in (Tier 1) & then a more defined tier 2 product category. 
On the dashboard, you can see the list of exhibitors in Tier 1 & Tier 2 categories. 

How can I filter the Exhibitor List By Category?

If you would like to meet exhibitors of a specific product category, click on the drop-down button of “category’ 
Select Tier 1 Category  > Select Tier 2 Category 
The list will be filtered according to your preferences. 

Can I Filter The Exhibitors By Country?

Yes, if you are looking for exhibitors from a specific country, click on the drop-down icon in “country” at the top of the dashboard. The list of countries will appear. Click on the country name to filter the list. 

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      View the exhibitors who attend the event (Virtual/Physical) at the exhibitors' tab. To access this tab, log in to the visitor dashboard, go to the left-side menu and click "Exhibitors"  Exhibitor tab displays All Exhibitors, featured, Smart Matches, ...

      As a visitor, you are given the access to browse, inspect & send product enquiries to the exhibitors.  How To Enquire About A Product?  When you visit an exhibitor’s profile, you can view products. If you are interested in knowing more information ...
    • Can exhibitors link up a video or YouTube URL?

      Yes, the exhibitors can put up a video or YouTube link in their respective company or the product page. The option is already available in the exhibitor profile page and product showcase. 
    • Does the system allow the exhibitors to scan QR codes of the visitors on their tag?

      Yes, this is called Exhibitor Lead Retrieval.  However, it would require the O2O App to be downloaded which is typically packaged at a cost. Exhibitors can scan Visitor Badges for which the Visitor info will appear in the tab on the system. 
    • Can I Communicate With Exhibitors Via Texts?

      Yes, Once log in to dashboard you will see the exhibitor suggestions. Select an exhibitor who you would like to connect with.  Click Thumbnail > Go to Exhibitor Profile > Click Chat+ button On the exhibitor profile to send a message