How To Send Messages?

How To Send Messages?

With O2O Events it is easy to send messages to anyone on the platform. Does not matter if it an exhibitor or a visitor you want to connect with, it could be easily done by following the simple steps below. 

Step 1 - Log in to the exhibitor dashboard.

Step 2 - Go to Connections.

Step 3 - Choose the visitor/exhibitor to connect with.

Step 4 - Click on it to go to the visitor's profile. 

Step 5 - Click on the Chat button.

Step 6 - A popup chat window will appear at the bottom of the screen. 

​​Step 7 - Start messaging the visitor.  
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    • Does O2O system automatically send post-meeting surveys?

      After a scheduled meeting ended, the system could send post-meeting surveys to both participants (exhibitor & visitor) However, it is not integrated as standard.  It is the organizer’s preference to deliver a survey post-meeting via Email or have the ...
    • What methods & channels could be used to send reminders to exhibitors & visitors about their online-offline appointments?

      As standard we deliver email reminders and in-dash notifications. However, it is recommended to utilize the SMS component to send SMS reminders 5 minutes prior to meetings.  We can also include the ability for attendees to call in-app with each other ...
    • What is the cost per SMS/ WhatsApp message?

      For SMS. There are a couple of factors involved. Location and Volume.  For an indication here are the prices for China / Malaysia / Australia  China is pre-paid only.  5,000 SMS - 0.051c. (Pre-Paid total - $255/Month USD)  20,000 SMS - 0.049c ...
    • Notifications & Inbox

      The Notification Panel is a place to quickly access alerts, notifications, and shortcuts. It is at the top of the dashboard. The bell icon alerts the exhibitor whenever there is a new activity. As an example, when a visitor sends a meeting request ...
    • Notifications & Inbox

      The visitor can quickly access alerts, notifications, and shortcuts via the Notification Panel that's located at the top of the dashboard.  The bell icon alerts the visitor whenever there is a new activity. E.g. New meeting requests, New quotes. ...