O2O Events Support


From the dashboard suggestions, pick an exhibitor whom you would like to connect with. 
Check on the exhibitor’s availability status. If the exhibitor is LIVE & currently free, 
click on the thumbnail. You will be directed to the exhibitor profile. 

Exhibitor profile consists of, 

Exhibitor’s Name 
Availability Status (Live/On call/Offline)
Company Description 
Promotional Video Preview
Product Previews 

And also, it provides direct access to,

Exhibitor’s business card
Company Profile
& catalog download link 

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    • How can I view fullscreen?

      If you would like to view full screen, click More Actions > View fullscreen To exit the full screen, click the Esc button. Shortcut to exit/enter full screen - Press S on your keypad to view/exit full screen.

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