O2O LIVE facilitates live video chat between exhibitors & event attendees with real-time messaging and content sharing. 
The meetings are easy to start, join and accessible with PC & Mobile devices. 

How to Initiate Live Chat?

Once you enter the exhibitor’s profile, you will see Join Meeting button 
Click on it to proceed to the chat room.
“Live” button indicates that the exhibitor is online. Therefore, you can directly start the conversation 

Preparation for the live chat

Room Preparation – O2O Live is designed to encourage visitors to connect with exhibitors at anytime anywhere. But to assure the quality of video & audio, it is highly recommended to pick a room with good lighting & minimum noises/disturbances. 

Equipment Preparation – O2O Live is compatible with both MacOS & Windows computers, mobile devices, iPads & tablet PC. Make sure your devices are connected to internet. 

Additional equipment would be TV display, microphones, camera & speakers. (optional)

Meeting Etiquette – If the meeting is pre-arranged arrive at the given time or a few minutes earlier. Speak clearly. 

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    • How Can I Initiate A Live Chat?

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      The exhibitors & even visitors can generate a meeting URL and send it to the person they would like to have a chat with.  If you receive a URL, click on it and it will directly open the chatroom. 

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