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The dashboard enables exhibitors to pre-book face-to-face virtual client meetings. As the system allows the exhibitor to see visitor’s information including their interest, percentage match with the exhibitor profile & sourcing requirements; it is easy to determine if that is a potential buyer.

My Meetings tab is where the exhibitor can manage their meetings with visitors and delegates.
It displays, 

Meetings (All)
Confirmed Meetings 

To access the meetings tab, login to the exhibitor dashboard and click "Meetings" on the left-side menu. 

Meetings - Shows all the meetings including upcoming, pending & confirmed meetings of the exhibitor. 

Upcoming - The meetings that are scheduled to happen. 

Pending - The meeting requests received by the exhibitor but weren't accepted appear here. Click Accept to confirm the meeting. Or click Cancel to decline the meeting request. Once approved it moves to “confirmed meetings” and the sender would be notified.

Confirmed Meetings - Shows all the meeting requests accepted by the exhibitor. If necessary these could be re-scheduled or declined. 

History - Expired meetings or meetings that took place in the past. 


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    • Can O2O accept meetings on behalf of the user?

       It is must easier and effective letting the attendees accept meeting by themselves rather than O2O support team or system doing that,  (However, we can still incorporate that if you would like).
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