The dashboard gives the following exhibitor suggestions for you, based on the information/requirements you have provided at the registration process. 

This section recommends you connect with the most popular exhibitors. The popularity is measured by the frequency of them connecting with the visitors. If you are interested, slide to see more exhibitor profiles or click “Explore” to have more options.
According to your product interests, location, company details etc. the system generates recommendations and they appear here.

3. Smart Matching With Exhibitors 

This section shows the most accurate system matches for you. These exhibitors are the best percentage match for you as the system compares all the information you provided with exhibitor profiles and pick the best options for you.

4. Live & Free

This section shows the exhibitors who are available online for you to connect. And these exhibitors currently don’t have meetings that are ongoing. 

5. Your Fixed Meetings

If you pre-arranged any meetings with exhibitors, they would appear in this section.
According to your product interests (Based on Tier 1, Tier 2 categories you have chosen) you will receive product recommendations from exhibitors. Preview the products & enquire.

Conference Sessions

If your event has conferences lined up, they will be shown in this section with conference title, a short descriptions & speakers. 

If you require more information > Click “More Info” button
If you would like to join > Click “Join” to get your entry pass to the conference 

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