Test the quality of your audio & video before you start the meeting. 

Testing Audio Quality

 Before commencing the meeting, test the sound quality of your device. 

Prerequisites - Microphone (Built-in Microphone, USB/inline microphone), Speakers or Headphones. 

Select your equipment from the list & test the sound by clicking on Play a Test Sound. 

If you cannot hear it, select a different speaker from the menu or adjust the Volume.

How to Mute the Audio?

There are certain times you might find the need to mute your video to avoid disturbances & also, some users prefer to mute their side while the other person speaks. To mute audio, click on the Mute Button.

Shortcut to mute/unmute - Click M on your keyboard

Managing Video Quality

 Before commencing the video conference, make sure that the camera is working properly. 

First, join the meeting or initiate a meeting. And you will see a preview of your camera. If it is not displayed, move your cursor to the camera icon & click on it to start the camera.

Then, if you are not satisfied with the video quality, click on More Actions button at the bottom right corner. Select Manage video quality from the menu. 

Your current video quality will be visible on the scale.

For the maximum video quality, Click on High Definition from the scale. Click Done to proceed to the screen. Check video quality again. 

The quality of your video depends on your internet connection. Therefore, make sure you have an undisturbed & fast internet connection for the HD quality. 

You can also flip the camera if needed, left click on video thumbnail of yours & click on flip.

How to Blur Your Background?

 The main purpose of O2O Video Conferencing is to let the users access the live chat feature at anywhere/anytime. To secure the professionalism even when the user is not in a professional setting with a professional backdrop; the feature Blur My Background could be used.

To use this feature; go to More Actions > Click on Blur My Background.

How to stop camera?

 To switch off the camera, click on the camera button. 

Shortcut to on/off camera - Press V on your keyboard

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