In the Visitors tab, the trade buyers who are registered to attend the event are shown. As per your requirements, the list of buyers could be filtered. 

Exhibitors can search visitors by their name, country, or product category they are interested in. To filter by the country, select the relevant country by clicking on the drop-down button in the country search bar. Or to select the buyer by the category, click the drop-down button to select a category or multiple categories. 

Also, you can see the buyers by selecting the options. 

Smart Matches

O2O platform is advanced with artificial intelligence. The system analyses exhibitor’s information & matches with visitor profiles, resulting in the most accurate business match. These matches are shown in the “Smart Match Visitors” section. Click on the Connect+ button on the suggestions to connect or simply click on the visitor’s name to visit the profile.

Based on exhibitor’s products, the system identifies the visitors who are interested in the relevant products/product categories. These are the visitors who are the most likely to meet the exhibitor. The exhibitors are highly recommended to interact with these visitors.


O2O platform is using artificial intelligence tools to determine potential customers as prospects once they've been qualified as possessing predetermined characteristics. Generally, the prospect fits the exhibitor’s target market and has shown interest in the exhibitor’s products or exhibitor’s industry sector. 


The visitors who are currently online are shown in this section. You can connect with them instantly.                                                         

Available for Meeting 

The buyers who are currently online and ready for meetings are shown in this section. Exhibitors can instantly initiate a meeting with these visitors. 

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    • Does the system allow the exhibitors to scan QR codes of the visitors on their tag?

      Yes, this is called Exhibitor Lead Retrieval.  However, it would require the O2O App to be downloaded which is typically packaged at a cost. Exhibitors can scan Visitor Badges for which the Visitor info will appear in the tab on the system. 
    • What methods & channels could be used to send reminders to exhibitors & visitors about their online-offline appointments?

      As standard we deliver email reminders and in-dash notifications. However, it is recommended to utilize the SMS component to send SMS reminders 5 minutes prior to meetings.  We can also include the ability for attendees to call in-app with each other ...
    • How Can I Join Live Chat With A Meeting URL I Received?

      The exhibitors & even visitors can generate a meeting URL and send it to the person they would like to have a chat with.  If you receive a URL, click on it and it will directly open the chatroom. 
    • Customers

      The Customers tab is created to manage all the exhibitors and visitors who are participating in the event. There are 5 main parts. Vendors, Visitors, Matchmaking, Exhibitor badges, and Visitor types.  Vendors  The Vendors section displays all the ...
    • Leads

      The leads tab displays all the RFQs (Requests for Quotations) sent out by the visitors. When a visitor is looking for a certain product or service, they can send out an RFQ.  An RFQ is a competitive bid document used when inviting suppliers or ...