What areas the organizer has control over?

What areas the organizer has control over?

For online business matching context. The organizer has control over,

  1. The number of meetings can be conducted online per exhibitor. The organizer can create exhibitor packages that limit the number of connections/meetings that can be set.

  2. With exhibitor packages, it provides the organizer to enable, restrict or limit any or all features for an exhibitor that is attached to the package. As the organizer, you can create many packages to cater to needs.

  3. The organizer can configure the platform to avoid overlapping of online & offline appointment during a period. 
The organizer can stop online meetings and push offline meetings at any stage.  It would require an EDM mentioning the change be sent to attendees and perhaps a dashboard prompt or inbox message from the organizer explaining the change.

We would suggest enabling the Online Meeting right up until the event,
It optimizes the on-site meeting conversion with having pre-established such a connection, plus activity tends to be higher closer to the event.  But the preference is yours, it depends on how you want to market it, position it in your marketing material. 
Do keep in mind the price for O2O Live. 

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